Midweek Groups

Although our main meetings are on Sundays we still try to meet together through the course of the week to encourage each other in our faith.
 Prayer Meeting

We meet together on alternate Tuesdays of the month at the Parish Room to pray for our church family, the needs of the parish and the world.  The meeting starts with coffee/biscuits for those who want it followed by a short bible study at 8pm, prayer and we finish at 9pm.

 Home Groups

Home groups are exactly that, a smallish (6–12) group of people from church, or those who want to know more about Chrisitianity, who meet in church members' homes to enjoy fellowship, discuss the bible and pray.  Groups normally meet twice a month.

We have groups located in and around the parish.  Some groups meet during the day but most groups are in an evening. All you have to do to join is talk to us.