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Our History

imageOur History
We are a parish church within the Church of England located north of Basingstoke in the villages of Sherborne St John, Monk Sherborne, Pamber End and Pamber Green and in the new developments of Marnel Park, Merton Rise and Sherborne Fields.

For historical reasons we have three church buildings within the parish: St Andrews, Sherborne St John; All Saints, Monk Sherborne; and Pamber Priory, Pamber End.

The building of St Andrews dates back to the 12th century. This is our central church in the parish and our main service is held here every Sunday morning at 10am.


All Saints, Monk Sherborne

There is a service held here once a month at 10:00am.
Please note that there are no toilet facilities at this church.



The Priory, Pamber
The Priory church dates back to 1128AD.  The buildings and land are owned by Queens College, Oxford and they are responsible for the upkeep. A service is held once a month in the morning.
Please note that there are no toilet facilities at this church.

For a more detailed history of The Priory and All Saints, and St Andrew's see the pdf documents below:

imageHistory of Pamber Priory and All Saints.pdf
imagePamber Organ Recital.pdf
imageA brief history of St Andrew's.pdf
imageSt Andrew's History (History Society) Sept 2005.pdf
imageSt_Andrews History 1993.pdf
imageSt_Andrews History Quadfold Leaflet.pdf