Welcome to our church
St Andrew's Sherborne St John, All Saints' Monk Sherborne, Pamber Priory

Mission and Vision

"Make Jesus known and build up the church in faith and love"
As a church family our aim is to "Make Jesus known and build up the church in faith and love". To help us to do this we have adopted the following core values:

We believe that God works when his people pray to him. When we pray we acknowledge that God, our heavenly Father, is the one who is in charge and that we need his help as we seek to grow and tell others about Jesus.

The way God works is through his word (the Bible). God brings people to trust in Jesus as they hear about him from the Bible. God builds his people up in faith and love through the teaching of the Bible.

The gospel message should set our agenda. As Christian people there is much we can and should be doing, but our agenda should always be set by the good news of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Christian Growth

We believe that every Christian should be growing in their faith. One of the main ways that this happens is by meeting together to hear God's word taught.


We all have gifts to be used for the common good. A key part of being part of a church family is how we can use what gift's or abilities we have to serve others. This will look differently for everyone but the key thing is to use them!

Children and Young People

Reaching and teaching young people is a priority for us. We are fortunate to have a healthy number of children in our different age groups. But we would love to see more come to put their trust in Jesus.


We support gospel work and we aim to send out gospel workers. There are many people in our country and around the world who need to hear the good news about Jesus Christ so we support a number of workers in this country and abroad to do gospel work and equip others to do so.


Our money should follow our core values. Therefore we aim to support the work of the local church and others who share our values.